Wednesday, October 21, 2009


I think I have an excuse for everything that I do and don't do...I haven't been blogging because I haven't been doing anything.  I got sick and used it as an excuse not to workout even after reading a post that said even to do at least 10 mins a day just to be doing something.
I really want to be in God's will and to lose weight...and yet its always. I'm tired, I'll start in the morning, and then I sleep right through my alarm or I get up and change the time on my alarm and think to myself I really need my sleep so I will work out tonight and then when I get off work I convince myself that I'm to tired and I will go home and go staight to bed and get up in the morning and start then and convince myself this time no excuses I will do this and then the next morning comes and I do the same thing over and over and over again!! 
How do I get out of this rut how do I finally do what I want to do??  Wasn't it Paul that said why does my body do what I don't want it to do...could he have struggled just like I do??  Why does it have to be so hard?  Why can't I finish at least one thing that I start?  I know that God does not want me to be fat He wants me to treat my body as a temple for Him. 
I know it will not happen over night and I know there is no magic pill that I can take and I can't talk about it anymore I have to put action behind it...I have to do this and if I don't I fear that I will live this one presious Life God has blessed me unhappy and depressed and I'm so tired of being depressed and not doing what God has put me on this earth to do even though I have no idea what that is.
I look at others peoples lives and this is nothing compared to what some people are going through in their lives from sickness to loss of loved ones and so much more but it doesn't make it any less and hard to go through.  And to know that God cares just as much for them and what they are going through as He does about me and what I'm struggling with...that is an Amazing God!!
Well I will let you know how the rest of my week goes:)

Making good choices,


  1. Michelle, I SOOOOO know what you mean. I've been feeling fat in my pants. The pants that fit comfortably five years ago are too tight now. I will NOT buy new ones and definitely wont' buy a bigger size. Oh and I tried on a pair at Walmart in "my" size. Well too tight. I guess when we have jeans for five years they grow bigger and we are truly not that size any more. I'm so disgusted with myself. I have NOOOOO desire to exercise. I MADE myself last night do a walking video that I have memorized (kind's only four basic steps repeated) to my tv program (Family Feud---to keep my attention). But it was everything in me to do it. I just want to veg in the evening. I have an office job yet I'm so tired in the evenings.

    But, I'm praying yesterday was a new start. I'm already telling myself to walk tonight. It's only 30 minutes. It is so hard. I've heard if we do something --anything-- for 30 days it becomes a habit. I'm going to really try that this time. Do it every day. Mornings are out as I know I'd do what you do so I just save myself the disappointment of making excuses. ha!

    I'm hearin' ya.

  2. I am right there with you, Michelle! Every morning I tell myself (like this morning) that I am going to leave the house early and walk at the indoor mall by my office with my co-worker before work...she is faithful to do it every morning 5 days a week, 30 minutes before work, I have done it with her in the past, but then slacked off...believe me, it gets harder I think with age...I am 51 and bad habits die hard...I never was an exerciser, but KNOW I need to...pray for me and I will pray for you...we need God to light a fire in us to love His bodies (us) He has given us!